10pcs MR 9045 1045 1145 1245 Drone Propeller

In the current era of rapid development of science and technology, the old stuff to be replaced by something new is inevitable, so is Uav propeller . MR series propeller with good dynamic balance and wind resistance, in the field of aerial drones have gradually replaced the other slow paddles
In the case of maintaining the same paddle type, balance, especially in terms of vertical balance of a very detailed effort
Name: 9045 propeller
Diameter: 9 inches
Pitch: 4.5
Color: gray
Name: 1045 propeller
Diameter: 10 inches
Pitch: 4.5
Color: gray
Weight: 28g
Name: 1145 propeller
Diameter: 11 inches
Pitch: 4.5
Color: gray
Name: 1245 propeller
Diameter: 12 inches
Pitch: 4.5
Pitch diameter: 30.5CM
Center hole front aperture: 6MM
Center hole opposite aperture: 9MM
Center base thickness: 6MM
Weight: 8g (per each piece)
Package included:
5 pair brand new MR propeller

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