1PC RCINPOWER GTS V2 1207 2-3S Brushless Motor for RC Drone


Brand name: RCINPOWER

Item name: GTS V2 1207

KV: 5000/6000/7500KV(Optional)

No. of Cells (Lipo): 3-4S 5000/6000KV;

2-3S 7500KV

Version: CW Screw Thread

Configuration: 12N14P

Stator Diameter: 12mm 

Stator Length: 7mm

Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm(2mm inside)

Idle Current(10V): 1.3A 5000/6000KV ;  1A 5000KV 

Max. Con. Power (5S): 250W 5000KV ;  285W 6000KV 

Max. Con. Power (180S): 250W 7500KV ;  

Internal Resistance: 120m 5000KV; 100m 6000KV ; 110m 7500KV 

Max. Current(5s): 15A 5000KV

Max. Current(5s): 17A 6000KV

Max. Current(30s): 20A 7500KV 

Motor Dimension(Dia*Len):21.3x27.6mm

Weight: 6.4g

Package Included:

1 x GTS V2 1207 Brushless Motor


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