1PC RCINPOWER SmooX 2806 Plus Brushless Motor

SmooX 2806 Puls new features:

 Overall 7075 super-hard aviation aluminum material, new appearance craft, dazzling and beautiful;

 New rotor shape, lower temperature after optimized aerodynamic structure;

Continuing the solid luxury materials of GTS v2 series, the stator is 2806.5, the power is more powerful and efficient;

Larger imported bearings than the same level are adopted, which improves durability, stability and longer motor life;

The winding is increased to military-standard temperature-resistant 260 ° C oxygen-free single crystal copper wire, which once again improves the stability under extreme conditions;

Extend the use of 2207PLUS to create the first A.I.P and B.F.P damping technology rotor design, which effectively improves the life of the motor and the feel of the flight, and reduces the flight control burden;

Give the concept of smooth + X (extreme sports) pertinently, and the throttle linearity is improved again, smooth! Smooth! Smooth!

Adjust the winding, and then increase the efficiency, while saving power, the dynamic response is still rapid and powerful;

Repeated tests confirmed that for 7-inch paddles, 1750KV is suitable for heavy load and high maneuverability Freestyl flight, and 1350KV is suitable for long-endurance and high-efficiency voyage FPV!

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