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2pcs Emax Pagoda 2 Drone Antenna

  • Center frequency: 5.8 GHz

  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz (5.55 - 6.05 GHz)

  • Matching: S11 < -20 dB, VSWR < 1.22 (at center frequency)

  • Axial ratio: < 1.3

  • Radiation efficiency: 95%

Originally the radiation efficiency was listed as 92%, this was a mistake. These values are based on simulation, actual measurements are below (they are very similar). The center frequency may shift a bit between batches as a result of variations in the dielectric constant of FR4. Also, not all brands of FR4 have the same dielectric constant. Frequency shifts up to 100 MHz are normal.

Package included:

2pcsEMAX Pagoda Antenna (You can choose the colour/size and RHCP or LHCP as you like)

Red colour is RHCP

White colour is LHCP

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