2Pcs Tail Wheel Rubber PU Plastic Hub

Item: Quality Rubber Pu Wheels
Material:Quality Rubber PU ;
Hub Core:Plastic Nylon
Size:As Picture
Package Include: 2 Pieces

The parameter specifications are as follows:

1 inch = 2.54 cm

0.75" -- diameter: 18MM, thickness 9MM, inner hole: 1.5MM, weight 0.5g

1.00" - diameter about: 25MM, thickness 9MM, inner hole: 2.1MM, weighs 1.5 grams

1.25" - diameter about: 32MM, thickness 10MM, inner hole: 2.1MM, weighs 2.0 grams

1.50" - diameter about: 38MM, thickness 15MM, inner hole: 2.1MM, weighs 4.0 grams

1.75" - diameter about: 45MM, thickness 15MM, inner hole: 2.1MM, weighs 5.0 grams

2.00" -- diameter: about 50MM, thickness 19MM, inner hole: 2.6MM, weight 7.0g

2.25" - diameter: 57MM, thickness 21MM, inner hole: 2.6MM, weight 8.5g

2.50" - diameter about: 64MM, thickness 24MM, inner hole: 3.1MM, weighs 11.0 grams

2.75" - diameter about: 70MM, thickness 26MM, inner hole: 3.1MM, weighs 15.0 grams

3.00" - diameter about: 76MM, thickness 27MM, inner hole: 3.6MM, weighs 21.0 grams

3.5" -- diameter: about 89MM, thickness 32MM, inner hole: 3.6MM, weighs 24 grams


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