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4PCS 8743F Drone Propellers for Mavic 2

APPLICATION:Our Propeller Guard is specially designed for DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom drone(not fit mavic pro version),It aims to protect your propellers.
FUNCTIONS:Protect your props when your device hits trees, walls or other obstacles. Also can avoid people hurting by the props. Not Affect Obstacle Avoidance.And also builded in 2 rear landing gear,increase the height by 2cm.Protect your drone when taking off or landing on the ground.
Pretty easy to use,you don't need to remove the props before install or release the guard,as other kind of propeller guard for mavic,need to remove the propeller at first.
Made of PC plastic, injection molded and Triangle Structure. Guards' outer radius is bigger than propeller max radius, provides better protections for propellers.
Light weight,4pcs guard is only about 109gram,but it still very strong,to protect the drone from damage.
PLEASE NOTE: you need to pay more attention to the buckles marked with"B" and "D" and make them match the corresponding body arms.
The propeller guard is made by plastic,it's very light weight.

Package include: 4 pcs propeller guard and 4 pcs 8743F carbon fiber propeller

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