4pcs EMAX ES08MA II Rotation Mini Metal Gear Analog Servo

EMAX ES08MA II 12g Mini Metal Gear Analog Servo

Operating voltage: 4.8V~6.0V

Operating current: 200mA/60º

Operating speed: 0.12sec/60º at 4.8V; 0.10sec/60º at 6V

Stall torque: 1.5/1.8 kg.cm 20.8/24.9 oz.in (4.8V/6v)

Dead band: 1-2 uSec

Gear Material: Metal

Connector wire length: 25 cm

Connector type: Futaba/JR compatible


We noticed that all other sellers write 32*11.5*24 here, which is wrong and not responsibility. So why not choosing us?

Weight: 12g / 0.42oz

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