70cm RC LED Lights Night Headlamps

2/4 Lights 70cm Lenght RC LED Night Headlamps Headlights 3/5mm LED Light for Model Drift Crawler Car For RC Car NSV775

This LED set is super white Led headlights for all RC car.
Power supply from the receiver direct, it is very convenience.
Suit for all kinds of RC car / tank / truck.
White light (front), red light (tail)
Inline DIP resistor
1 / 4W color ring resistance
200Ω, 4.3Ω
Voltage: 3-7V
Connector: JR
Length: 70cm
2 LED Set: 2 LED Headlights (Without Lampshade)
4 LED Set:
2x white 5mm LED
2x red 3mm LED
With Metal lampshade
Note: The 2 lights set is without lampshades.

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