Amass Connector XT90S XT90-S XT30U XT60 XT90 MR30 XT60H

XT90-S Anti-Spark Features:

This is original AMASS XT90-S connector,designed and produced by AMASS,beware any imitation,if using imitations,your equipment may be destroyed!
Almost all FPV are using 6S even more Li-po battery for Power System.the most annoying problems is the Sparking during the connect,the sparking will damage the connector! this XT90-S connector from Amass will resolve the problem for you!

100% Original Amass
AMASS Patented Anti-Spark Design!
Reusable Conector end design for times insert and take off from the Enclosure.
New style design with the shining and safety construction.
Non-slip insulator, easy to connect.
Clear "+" and "-" mark, avoid the mistake.
Accurate size, perfect connection prevent any inside pollution.
Advanced caseting technology,and integrated with banana plugs fully and closely.
The groove slot design make the connection stronger and avoid any mistake when you use it.
2U thickness gold plating, we use the large flow-line design banana plug which have a larger contact area, although 3.5mm banana plugs, but can be sustained a constant current 90A,120A current peak.
Material of Housing: Heat-resistant nylon material(high temperature resistance to 240°C)
Material of connector : 2U thickness Gold hplated copper
Stable current: 90A /Max. 120A
Temperature resistant:-30°C ~ 240°C
Compatible with AMASS XT90 connector
Product id: XT90-S

Package content: 10 pair

XT30 Features:

use 2mm gold-plated banana plugs,
In a small volume with the craftsmanship and fine materials,
Best wire can be adapted for 16awg, 20awg silicone wire.

Package content: 10 pair

XT60 Features:

Made of high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the injection mould at the time when forming the connector.
The XT60 ensures a solid high-amp connection, perfect for applications up to and beyond 65A constant


  • 100% original Amass
  • 10 Pairs of high quality XT60 Male and Female power connectors.
  • Ensures high-amp connection.
  • Used in RC battery and motor.
  • Package content: 10 pair

XT90 Features:

Protected to avoid shorting and reverse polarity
Half open end, easier for welding.
Suit for 90-120A current application.
Metal connector size: 4.5mm

Package content: 10 pair

XT60H Description

  • Item No.:XT60H
  • Color: yellow& black
  • Body material and surface coating:Brass and gold plated
  • Insulation Material:PA
  • Internal Resistance:0.8mΩ
  • Max RC/MC:60A/100A
  • Temperature Resistance:-20oc~120oc
  • Insertion Force/500:3KG
  • Weight/pair:7.72g per pair
  • Recommend Use:1000 times
  • Package content: 10 pair

MR30 Features:

Brand Name: Amass
Item Name: MR30 connector
Body Material and Surface Plating: Brass and gold plated
Insulation Material: PA66
Original Internal Resistance: 0.8MΩ
500 Times Internal Resistance: 0.85MΩ
Max. Continuous Current: 30A (within 30 minitues)
Max. Instantaneous Current: 40A (within 1 minitues)
Recommended Cable Spec: 18AWG 2.8mm diameter
Recommended Soldering Spec: 400° C/3S
Weight: 1.2g/pcs
Insulation Degree: UL94V-0
Machine Life: 3000 Times

Package content: 10 pair

- Suitable for connecting ESCs and motors
- With protective sleeve
- Assistive weld foot, more stable


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