Colorful Sticker for Xiaomi FIMI X8SE Drone

1.Removable PVC stickers, it can paste repeatedly,and will not leave glue on the shell,
2.The PVC sticker is waterproof and scratchproof,very durable,
3.Easy to deal with bubbles with air slot, easy to paste and tear,
4.Precise cutting, accurate pasting.

Applicable models:for XIAOMI X8SE drone,
Color:1-Painting,2-Scrawl,3-Desert Camo,4-Green Camo,5-Black Grain,6-Red Grain,
Net weight:55g,
Package weight:70g,
Package size:19.5*17*0.5cm.

Packing list:
1 set of Sticker.

does not include drone

1. Clean up FIMI X8 SE drone, and then stick the stickers on corresponding position, can be repeatedly paste,
2. The edge of drone might be difficult to paste, please use the hair dryer with hot wind to heat it and press it for a while, until the stickers stuck completely.

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