F405 STM32F405 Betaflight Flight Controller Mini 35A ESC


Cost-effective mini flying tower. Small four-axis high cost-effective choice.

The installation hole of the flying tower is 20 * 20, which is suitable for small four-axis ducted rack installation.

Mainstream F4 flight control, plug and play with 35A four-in-one ESC. Fly tower installation, save more space.

The flight control interface is rich, and multiple serial ports are reserved to expand more devices.

35A four-in-one ESC, reliable performance, four-way output continues to be stable.


F405 Flight control:

Microcontroller: STM32F405

Size: 27 * 30mm

Hole distance: 20 * 20mm / M3

Weight: 4.3 grams

drop out:

Continuous current: 35A * 4

Working voltage: 2-5S LIPO

Support Agreement: BLHeli-S / DSHOT600

Size: 27 * 36mm

Hole distance: 20 * 20mm / M2

Weight: 7.8g

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