Flipsky V4.20 Mini FSESC4.20 50A ESC with Aluminum Anodized Heat

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Flipsky V4.20 Mini FSESC4.20 50A ESC with Aluminum Anodized Heat
The Flipsky ESC is based upon the VESC Open Source Project, and compatible withVESC Software. Highly modifiable electronic speed controller designed with DIY Electric Skateboards conversions in mind.The Flipsky ESC allows you to use sensorless motors to achieve smooth start-up from a stop versus traditional RC ESC's which may have trouble starting from a complete stop. It also provides strong, reliable and progressive electric braking.
You can connect your ESC to your computer and modify them using the VESC BLDC Tool. Our ESC ships to you tested multiple times during the production cycle and are ready to use. The ESC will provide optimum performance when configured for your particular motor and battery voltage.


STM32F4 32Bit ARM microcontroller.
5V 1.5A output for external electronics from the buck converter integrated onthe DRV8302.
For single ESC current: Up to 150A for a couple of seconds or about 50Acontinuous depending on the temperature and air circulation around the PCB.
Wireless WII nunchuk (Nyko Kama) control through the I2C port. This isconvenient for electric skateboards.
Adaptive PWM frequency to get as good ADC measurements as possible.
Regenerative braking; DC motors are also supported; Sensored or sensorless operation;A GUI with lots of configuration parameters.
Optional PPM signal output. Useful when e.g. controlling an RC car from a Rasp Berry Pi or an android device.
The USB port uses the modem profile, so an Android device can be connected to the motor controller without rooting. Because of the servo output, the odometry and the extra ADC inputs(that can be used forsensors), this is perfect for modifying an RC car to be controlled from Android (or Raspberry Pi).


Hardware: V4.20
Firmware: Latest Version
Amps: 50A continuous/150A peak
Cells: 3-13S LiPo
Voltage: 8V-60V
BEC: 5V@1.5A
BEC type: Internal driver support
Suggested motor: ≤8500KV
Timing: Software calibration
Cutoff Voltage: Programmable
Frequency: PWM input
Governor: No
Weight: 80g
PCB Size: 46 * 39 * 17.4mm
Size: 67 * 39 * 18.3mm (Include Heatsink)
Programming card: No
Reverse: Yes

Package information:

Package size: 20 * 14 * 4cm / 7.9 * 5.5 * 1.6in
Package weight: 110g
White box package

Package list:

1 * FSESC4.20 50A + Aluminum Heatsink


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