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GEPRC ELEGANT | Drones | Drones Xpress

Elegant is a competition and freestyle quad copter that uses the GEP5040x3 propeller. The biggest feature is the centre of gravity afforded by the battery placement, which increases overall flight stability. After assembly and debugging by the GEPRC team, the quad copter is nearly ready to fly depending on the version selected. We offer two versions: PNP(without receiver) and BNF(with Frsky receiver).
P.S.: The battery in the pictures is not included.


- Excellent centre of gravity
- Mature and stable GEP-KHX5 frame, strong and fall–resistant, all 3k carbon plate
- Use SPAN F4 Tower, stable and simple
- The GEPRC team carefully calibrated the PID to ensure reliability and stability
- High efficiency GR2306 2450kv motor, with GEP5040 propeller, achieve perfect output
- Use the Pagoda2 antenna to increase the image quality
- Runcam Swift 2 lens for clarity
- Blhelis 40A ESC ensures consistent power output
- VTX 5.8g, select-able 0/25/200/600mw power output


Width: 230mm
Firmware: Betaflight_3.2.5_OMNIBUSF4SD
Input Voltage: support 2-5S Lipo
Motor: GR2306 2450kv
Propeller: GEP5040-3 (10 pairs)
Weight: 348g(without battery or props)
Camera: RunCam 2 600TVL Camera
Receiver: Frsky R-XSR (only BNF model)
Carbon: Full 3K carbon fiber Twill
CNC: High precision CNC 7075
Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm
Thickness of side plate: 1.5mm
Thickness of arms plate: 4mm
MCU: STM32F405
MPU: MPU6000
ESC: 40A * 4 BLHeli_s(Dshot 150/300/600) support 2-5s Lipo
VTX: 5.8GHz(48 Channel)(OFF/25/200/600mW)

Suggested Accessories (not included):
Remote Controller: Frsky X9d
Goggle: FatShark V2
Battery: 3s 1300-1800mAh for novice, 4s 1300-1800mAh for professionals

Package information (approx):
Package size: 25 * 25 * 7cm / 9.8 * 9.8 * 2.8in
Package weight: 808g

Package list:

1 * Elegant BNF Drone
10 * GEP5040-3 Propeller
1 * Spare Arm set
3 * Battery Band
2 * Pagoda2 Antenna
1 * Frsky R-XSR Receiver (BNF only)


Product is shipped from China.
The onus is on the buyer to investigate and pay any duties or local taxes.
Please check all local laws and safety regulations prior to purchase.

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