GEPRC Stable F4 Flight Control + 12A/20A BLHELI-S 4in1 ESC


The Stable F4 MiniTower is an integrated tower structure solution specially designed for our mini-passage machines by our team. It integrates flight control, ESC, and image transmission. It has been updated to version V1.2 and is particularly stable. Based on the

OMNIBUS/OMNIBUSF4SD (Betaflight) flight control design, the firmware is relatively mature. Stable screw distance is 20*20mm, suitable for most racks.

Stable's biggest feature is simple and stable. The 4-in-1 ESC is based on the BLHeli_s program, which supports the Dshot fast throttle response and is available in two versions (12A and 20A). 5.8g picture transmission power is off/25/100/200mW optional, it can also turn off the picture transmission power, does not affect other flights, and there are 48 channels adjustable, audio input function, power accuracy. Combined with F4 flight control, they work together, are highly integrated, very stable, and simple to install, reducing the player's installation time.

Product specification

Product Name: Stable F4 MiniTower

Size: 25×25mm

Mounting height: 20mm

Screw size: M2×25mm

Screw hole distance: 20x20mm

Recommended carbon plate thickness: 2-4mm

Weight: 9.5g

Flight Control (Omnibus F4 Flight Controller)

Firmware: betaflight 3.2.1 (OMNIBUSF4SD)

OSD firmware: Betaflight OSD

Video output voltage: 5V only

Supports voltage detection, BB ring and LED

Supports  SBUS, and PPM receivers

Board size: 25×25mm

Weight: 2.3g

BLHeli_S 12A ESC


Battery Monitoring:Integrated

FC Power:Integrated

Input Voltage:2-4S(12A)

Con. Current: 12A

Peak Current: 15A ( 5s)

Oneshot 125/42 : YES

Dshot 150/300/600:YES

BlheliSuite Configurable:YES

Firmware Version:BLHeli_S/Dshot 150/300/600  16.6(G_H_30/L_H_0)

Board Size:25×25mm


ESC 4 IN 1 (BLHelis 20A)

PDB: Integration

Battery Monitoring: Integrated

Flight Control Power Supply: Integrated

Input voltage: 2-4S (12A)

Standard electricity: 20A

Maximum voltage: 30A ( 5s)

Oneshot 125/42 : Support

Dshot 150/300/600: Support

BlheliSuite Configurable: Support

ESC firmware version: BLHeli_S/Dshot 150/300/600 16.6 (G_H_30/L_H_0)

Board size: 27×27mm

Weight: 3.3g (20A)

VTX (GEP-VTX58200-M)

Modulation power: OFF/25/100/200mW

Electric FM: 48CH

ESC input voltage: 2-6S (using VTX layer alone)

Camera voltage: 5V


Utilize the current popular tower structure solution, fast installation, and very stable

Reasonable structure size 25*25mm*20mm (length*width*height)

Screw distance 20*20mm, suitable for most racks

STM32 F405 MCU

BLHeli_S ESC Firmware, Support (Oneshot 125/42 and Dshot 150/300/600)

Built-in image transmission VTX (48 channels) (OFF/25/100/200mW power adjustable image transmission)

Supports receivers such as SBUS and PPM

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