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Hobbywing EZRUN 200A Drone ESC

  • For: 1/5th Touring Car, Buggy, Truggy and Truck

  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: Black


  • Cont./Peak Current: 200A/1300A

  • Motor Type: Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor (only in sensorless mode)

  • Motor Limit: With 8S LiPo/24S NiMH: KV ≤ 1000 (58110 size motor)

  • LiPo /NiMH Cells: 9-24S NiMH, 3-8S LiPo

  • BEC Output: 6V/7.2V Switchable, Continuous Current of 6A (Switch-mode BEC)

  • Cooling Fan: Powered by the stable BEC voltage of 6V/7.2V

  • Connectors: Input End: No, Output End: Female 6.5mm Gold Connectors (pre-soldered onto the PCB of the speed controller).

  • Size/Weight: 93.35 (L)x 58.12 (W)x 47.81 (H)/342g

  • Programming Port: FAN /PRG Port

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