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Night Flight LED Lighting Kit for DJI Mavic Air 2


  • The total weight of the stand for the night light is about 28g, the ultra-light weight does not affect the flight basically
  • The search angle of the top DIY bracket and the two side flashlight brackets can be adjusted by loosening the screw with the free wrench. After the angle is adjusted, the screw is tightened to fix it, so that the flight has more visual angles;
  • The product and the fuselage are all attached with a sponge, which effectively protects the drone, and is convenient and fast to install;
  • Choose 2 specifications of flashlight, the flashlight adopts imported high-quality three-core high-brightness LED as the light-emitting element, with longer service life and higher brightness;
  • The flashlight does not have a battery, and the customer needs to be equipped with an additional No. 5 battery, which is convenient and energy-saving.

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