NX3 EVO Flight Controller Board Stabilization Controller

NX3evo provides four levels of flight modes: 1st, Beginner; 2nd.Practice; 3rd.Promotion; 4th.Expert.
Four wing types: Single (Dual ailerons)/Delta wing/V-tail.
Separate gain adjustment for each axis
Single/Separate Dual ailerons recognition capability.
Remote master gain adjustment during flight.
Including emergency mode, One-key auto safety.
Automatic stick centering
Automatic level offset, self-balance.
3D AVCS flight, Attitude locking.
Provide Y-wiring for aileron.
Wide available airplanes, offer refinning operation feel
Support normal fixed-wing copter, V-tail, triangle-wing
Smart level callibration
Independant potentiometer adjust axis sensitivity
Auto distinguish normal single flybar and dual flybar mode
Auto balance flight
One button save function
Attitude locking mode

Voltage range: DC 4.5 - 6V
Response Frequency: 100Hz
Operating Temperature: 0-50°C
Dimension: 43x28x15mm
Weight: 11g

Packing List:
NX3evo Flight Controller Board

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