Racerstar 2307 BR2307S for Fire Green Edition 2200KV 2-5S Brushless Motor


Brand: Racerstar

Item name: Fire-Green Edition BR2307S 2200KV motor

RPM/V: 2200KV

Height: 34mm

Width: 28.5mm

Shaft diameter: M5

Motor mount hole size: M3

Screw thread: clockwise (CW)

Weight: 36 grams

Voltage: 2-5S

Battery: 2-5S lipo battery

Usage: X220 X220S 250 280 300 FPV Racing Frame

Tested with 18.5V voltage 4045 3-blade propellers:

Load current: 30.8A

Pull: 1100g

Power: 570W

Efficiency: 1.9 (g/W)


Stainless steel motor shaft

Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings

Oxygen free copper wire

CNC machined aluminum case

Package included:

1 x BR2307S 2200KV motor
or 4x BR2307S 2200KV motor

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