Racerstar Racing Edition 2312 BR2312 960KV 2-4S Brushless Motor


Brand: Racerstar

Item No: BR2312 960KV Brushless Motor

Height: 32.8mm

Width: 28.2mm

Weight: about 52g

Shaft: 6mm

Shaft length: 7.9mm

KV (rpm/V): 960

Voltage: 7.4-14.8V

Battery: 2-4S lipo battery

Tested with 11.1V voltage and 9045 prop:

Load current: 10.6A

Pull: 708g

Power: 118W

Efficiency: 6.0 (g/W)

CW screw thread motor comes with red cap

CCW screw thread motor comes with black cap


Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings

Efficient Japanese for kawasaki stator steel

Rare earth magnets stable up to 180

Oxygen free pure commer wires

CNC machined aluminum case

Silicone wire leads

Patented balance techniques

Unique wiring method

Package included:

1 x Racerstar BR2312 960KV Brushless Motor






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