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RCD3022 Dual Redundant Receiver Backup System


  • Item Name: Dual Redundant Receiver Backup System 
  • Item NO.: RCD3022 
  • Working Voltage: 6V
  • Color: Blue
  • Application: Double receiver redundant system ensures system safety, Wireless interactive teaching and learning mode


  • Supply power for receiver
  • Double backups for 4 signals
  • Digital filtering and automatic signal route 
  • Red and green LED light indicates the present working state
  • Trainer mode availability
  • Several signal redundant
  • Compatible with PPM,PCM, 2.4G receivers

Installtion Notes:

Connect 4 channels on receiver 1 and receiver 2 with RCD3022, which receiver RCD3022 will choose is decided by the signal frequency width of FS channel connecting receiver 1, when the frequency width is more than 1.7ms, RCD3022 will make use the FS signal from receiver 1, when the FS signal is less than 1.7ms or no signal comes over at all, RCD3022 will make use the FS signal from receiver 2. FS channel can be any spare channel on receiver 1, and set the output signal less than 1.5ms under FailSafe mode, and the signal for normal working mode should be set on more than 1.8ms; if receiver 1 doesn't support FailSafe Mode, all we have to do is to set the output signal more than 1.8ms under normal working mode, RCD3022 will choose the signal from receiver 2 as soon as the signal is lost.

Under trainer mode,the input FS signal of RCD3022 is controlled by the output switch channel from receiver 1.

According the above diagram, connect the receivers and servos with RCD3022, pay attention to connect them according each number, FS signal should connect the prearranged port of the receiver, signal redundant function can be achieved by setting FS signal through the switch channel of transmitter.

Package Included:

  • 1x RCD3022 Dual Redundant Receiver Backup System 

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