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ToolkitRC M6 10A 2-6S Mini Pocket Model Charger

ToolkitRC M6 is the second multi-purpose tool chain product. It is compact and compact. It integrates balanced charge and discharge, electric display, PPM/PWM/SBUS signal measuring device, signal source and other functions. 

  • Color screen
  • Traditional charging function
  • Electric display function
  • Steering gear test
  • Receiver test
  • Constant current constant voltage source output
  • TVC function (terminal voltage control): Lithium battery cut-off voltage can be set
  • Press and hold the setting button during charging to dynamically modify the charging current
  • Hub mode can be switched, the default setting is used by default.
  • It can be adapted to mainstream drone batteries and automatically activated and charged.
  • Measurement function: It can measure battery voltage, battery internal resistance, and can measure signal values ​​such as
  • PWM/PPM/SBUS with an accuracy of 1 microsecond.
  • Output function: can output PWM/PPM/SBUS standard signals with an accuracy of 1 microsecond
  • The discharge mode has a power recovery function setting

Technical Parameters

  • Input voltage range: 7-28V max 12A
  • Charge, discharge and balance management of LiPo, LiHV, LiFe Lion 1-6S, NiMh 1-16S, PB 1-10S batteries
  • Charging current: max. 10A 150W
  • Discharge current: normal mode max 2A @8W; recovery mode up to 10A 150W
  • Constant current constant voltage source output, customizable 1-28V constant voltage, 1-10A constant current
  • USB 2.1A 5.0V output, rechargeable mobile device
  • LCD: 1.8 inches, 160*128 pixels, RGB TFT screen
  • Language: can be set to Chinese or English in the setting interface
  • The device is simulated as a USB flash drive, and the upgrade file is copied to implement product firmware upgrade.
  • Product weight: 80g
  • Product size: 68*49*26 mm

Packaging Information

  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 80*80*35mm


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